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Château Plaisance

Sus Ouest , France

The Penavayre family has been cultivating wine grapes in the village of Vacquiers in Southwestern France for several generations, spliting their time between growing wine, raising livestock, and tending orchards. In the 1970s, Louis Penavayre started to focus all of his efforts on winemaking, with 1985 marking the first bottled vintage of Château Plaisance. The château has been certified organic since 2006, with 2011 being their first completely organic vintage.

Château Grand Boise

Cotes de Provence Ste. Victoire, France

Château Grand Boise is managed by Jean and Ana-Sofia Simmonet. The couple proudly proclaim themselves as the contrarians of Provence and are driven to produce terroir-driven, recoltant wine on this historic biodynamic property. Jean is committed to acheiving his goal, which is to replant seventy percent of their vines as massale selection. They spare no expense in the winery and have also opened a highly acclaimed restaurant on the property. 

Maison Ventenac

Cabardès (NW Languedoc) France

In 2010, the vast span of vineyard land and winery was taken over by his eldest daughter, Stéphanie, and her husband Olivier, with the aim of enhancing the potential of this little known French terroir (AOC). Heavily influenced by his travels throughout the winemaking world, Olivier brings precision, purity, and focus to the style of the wines and to the family tradition that continues under the Maison Ventenac name. His main goal remains to make the absolute best wines possible from the incredibly unique terroir that surrounds, even outside of the stipulations dictated by the AOC.

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