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Olivier Roten Wines

Valais, Switzerland

A many generation, family owned winery located in the heart of the Swiss ALPS. Stewards of the mountainous terrain in which they live, breathe and work with their hands, the Roten family pays tribute to their homeland by producing wines of clarity, depth, freshness in the spirit of the Alps.


AVALANCHE by Olivier Roten

Valais, Switzerland

The Roten Family has been making wine for three generations in honoring the local climate and terroir with the purity and freshness of their mountain roots. They focus on making wines with native indigenous grape varieties while respecting nature and all of its elements as much as possible. The winery has been in Organic conversion certification since 2019 and otherwise experiment with both new, innovative as well as more traditional winemaking techniques in the cellar, to make the best wines humanly possible from their beloved Valais region. 

Our Avalanche wines feature several indigenous grape varietals grown in the high-elevation Alpine mountain valleys of the Valais region, the largest grape-growing region in Switzerland.

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